Easy and Cheesy Printable Mother’s Day Craft

Printable Mother's Day Craft Charcuterie Board

No need to add another trip to the craft store this May! Your students will love this fun charcuterie board printable Mother’s Day craft, and you will enjoy some time to work on report cards while your class works. Say “sayonara” to painting hands and spending a gazillion dollars on potted plants!

Everyone Loves Cheese

This printable Mother’s Day craft can be fit for your students’ families. After all, everyone loves cheese. These boards come with different headers including: mom, grandma, aunt, friend, and a blank version. This product also comes with an editable Powerpoint file along with the uneditable PDF. You can edit the boards in Powerpoint and write whatever you want, or you can have students hand write their family member on the blank version.

75 Pages of Delish

This cheese board isn’t a lunchable. It has loads of different cheese, meat, and cracker options. You can pick and choose which ones you like the best, or make your own with the editable version. Pick from prompts like, “you make me laugh when”, “you make me feel”, “you make me happy when”, “you are good at”, and many more!

More is More!

Why stop at meats and cheeses when you can make your printable Mother’s Day craft truly artisanal? Add some accoutrements! You will see olives, pretzels, eggs, cherries, and even FIGS! Let your students unleash their inner foodie.

Moms will Melt with this Printable Mother’s Day Craft

These charcuterie boards will be a memorable Mother’s Day gift that you can edit to fit each student in your class. Plus, coloring each item, cutting them out, and gluing them takes some time. At the end of the school year, a calm desk activity with some music can quiet the chaos! Send these crafts straight home, or decorate your bulletin board or door. You better brie-lieve other teachers will be green with envy.

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