Amok! Amok! Amok! 3 Easy Elementary School Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea - Book Review

Do you need any quick, easy, and cute Halloween bulletin board ideas for your elementary school classroom?  Well, I’m going to give you three!  These October bulletin board packs come with borders, pennants, letters, and writing pages with regular or dotted writing lines.  Easy peasy.

Skip this blog post and send me to the 3 easy elementary school Halloween bulletin board ideas!

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea #1: Bucket Fillers are Sweet

  Did your class learn about spreading kindness and being a bucket filler at the beginning of the year? Is your class starting to seem too comfortable now they have been in school for a few months?  Revisit the lesson, regain your classroom management, and make this adorable Halloween bulletin board.   Feed your 90’s kid nostalgia with these fun Halloween bucket writing pages that are inspired by the old McDonald’s happy meal toys!

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea #2: Say No to Drugs with this Red Ribbon Week

Talking to elementary students about drug awareness can be spooky.  (Haha!  Did you see what I did there?)  Make an age-appropriate Halloween bulletin board with cute retro groovy clipart.  Display how your students will stay drug-free and keep their bodies healthy on your door or bulletin board.  Get ready for an onslaught of compliments!

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea #2: We Love Boooks!

Is your class scared of booooooks?  Are they ghosting their favorite reads?  (Help.  I can’t stop!)  Keep their love for reading alive with this easy book review bulletin board.  Your class will love learning about their friends’ favorite books.  This Halloween bulletin board idea is a great option if you need some writing samples up for fall conferences!

Final Thoughts

Save yourself some time and energy.  Grab one of these easy Halloween bulletin board ideas for your elementary school classroom.  They are all treats and no tricks!

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