Easy Classroom Writing Activity with Digital Build a Story Spinners

digital build a story spinner easy writing activity

Do you need a low prep writing activity?  Watch your class be engaged and  fall in love with Growing Bundle Build a Story Writing Center – Digital Spin a Story for the Year.

How to Use the Digital Story Spinners with Your Class

Open a seasonal spinner set in Powerpoint. Each set has 4 slides with two spinners each and different timers.  One spinner has a character, and the other has an object. You can choose between a 10, 15, 20, and 30 minute timer. 

Drag the timer you want to use onto the spin a story slide.  Project the slide from your computer, so the whole class can see.  Click the circle in the middle of each spinner to start and stop the spinner.  Pass out the seasonal writing paper that’s included in each set.  Your class will love building a story with the silly combinations of characters and objects. 

How Your Class Can Use the Spinners

I love using the build a story activity during my morning work.  My school doesn’t have morning rooms, and my class trickles into my classroom for 30 minutes at the beginning of each day.  My class stays focused on this activity.  I use the 30 minute timer, so students know when we will put our things away and get ready for morning meeting.  If my students aren’t finished, they continue to work on their spin a story during writing centers.

I have also used these spin a story slides during Daily 5.  I keep the slide projected on the wall.  When students get to the Work on Writing station, they grab the seasonal paper from a designated drawer. My class stays engaged since it’s an easy routine!

Teacher Hacks

These build a story slides make great last-minute sub plans.  Nothing is easier for a sub, than just projecting a slide.   Students also already know what to do, so there won’t be any confusion.

Students LOVE to be in charge of the spinner.  I often reward students with this job, or have it be a weekly job.  The power of the build a story spinner often encourages some of the squirmiest students to stay on task! 

Final Thoughts

Check out this Growing Bundle Build a Story Writing Center – Digital Spin a Story for the Year!  I will continue to update the slides throughout the year.  As more sets are added, the price will increase.  If you want to try one set, check out Halloween Build a Story Writing Center- October Digital Spin a Story.

What’s your favorite morning work activity that keeps your class calm and engaged?  Let me know in the comments!

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