101 Days of School: Because Who’s Counting? (We Are!) Easy Bulletin Board Kit Unleashed!

101 Days of School Dalmatian Bulletin Board with different borders, toppers, and pennants

Bring out the confetti, hats, and Dalmatian costumes—yes, it’s time to celebrate 101 days of school! Who knew we’d make it this long, right? To mark the grand occasion, let’s dive into a bulletin board kit that screams, “We are 101 Days Smarter!” Because, let’s face it, we’re practically scholars now.

Behold, the “We are 101 Days Smarter” Bulletin Board Kit:

Picture this: a bulletin board announcing to the world (well, your classroom at least), that your class has survived 101 days of school. Spice up that plain bulletin board with Dalmatian decor that even Cruella de Vil would envy!

The A’s to Z’s of the Kit:
1.Beautiful Bulletin Board Letters:

Everyone will soon know your class is full of geniuses with bulletin board letters that state, “We Are 101 Days Smarter!” in red and spots.

2. Dapper Dalmatian Writing Paper:

Forget the mundane, and embrace the spots! Choose between four different Dalmatian writing page toppers that come in color and black and white. The writing paper can be printed with plain or dotted lines.

3. Daring Dalmatian Borders:

These 24 straight and scalloped borders are a real treat! Laminate them so you can use them to celebrate 101 days of school every year!

4. Playful Pennants:

Make your bulletin board extra snazzy with these 39 different pennants!

In Conclusion

Let’s turn the 101st day of school into a carnival of knowledge and craziness with our “We are 101 Days Smarter” Bulletin Board Kit. It’s not just decor; it’s a celebration of surviving, thriving, and maybe a little bit of striving. Cheers to making it 101 days of school!

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